Nanobrow Shape Mascara

Brow mascara

styles, sets, adds color

Size: 7ml / 0.23 fl oz

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How does Nanobrow Shape Mascara work?

Camouflages gaps by filling them in
Makes the brows appear thicker and more voluminous
Gives brows the desired shape and holds them in place
Formula with silica provides softness and smoothness to brow hairs

Thick, perfectly styled, and
spectacular brows!

Are your brows thin and sparse? Or maybe they are unmanageable, and you are looking for an effective product to tame them? Nanobrow Shape Mascara works great for brow styling, shaping, and adding color. It works wonders on both thick and thin and sparse brows. The lightweight and easy-to-use formula improves the looks of brows, delivers shine, and leaves them looking precisely shaped and brushed-up. The beautiful and natural-looking shades bring out your natural brows.

Nanobrow Shape Mascara

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Brush it through your brows and enhance their color

Did you know that you can achieve the effect of perfectly styled, voluminous, thick brows in a flash? Nanobrow Shape Mascara has been made to fill in gaps in brow hair and deliver the effect of voluminous and flawless brows — so that your arches look just the way you have always dreamed of! Shape and style them as you like, quickly and effortlessly!

The Nanobrow mascara comes in three beautiful and natural-looking shades which you can match to your features perfectly. It coats each brow hair evenly while its formula is clump-free and delivers a non-sticky finish. The innovative formula improves brow texture and definition, bringing out their natural beauty. It's a fast way to your dream arches!

Nanobrow Shape Mascara
— your dream brow volume

The Nanobrow mascara comes with has a specially made precision spoolie . Thanks to the ergonomic shape, it works perfectly for filling in brows and taming unruly hairs. The refined and pleasant formula is clump-free and delivers a non-sticky finish. The mascara stays put for up to 24 hours, holding hairs in place and protecting them from damage. It is suitable for both thick and bushy and thin and fine brows.

Nanobrow Shape Mascara

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How to use Nanobrow Shape Mascara?

Brow makeup has never been so easy! This product is just perfect for everyone who's short on time and wants to improve the look of their eyebrows quickly and effortlessly. If you want to achieve the effect of voluminous, perfectly-sculpted, and glossy arches — go for Nanobrow mascara and discover how easy it can be!

1. Open the Nanobrow mascara. Brush it through your brows with the precision spoolie, starting from the inner edge.

2. Gently brush the brow in outer direction, moving to the tail, gradually filling it in with color.

3. For the most natural finish, apply more product to tail.

4. Let the product set. Apply one coat or add more for the ultimate volume.

Done! Now enjoy your full and perfectly-styled brows! Nanobrow Shape Mascara can be used alone or as a finishing touch to brow pomade, or a regular brow pencil. Check out our blog to learn more about brow makeup. Have a look at how to define your brows using a brow mascara.

Nanobrow — foolproof brow makeup products

Brow mascara is not the only product in Nanobrow's range! Switch them up to style and add color to your brows just the way you like. What brow look do you fancy today?

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