Eyebrow lift - everything you need to know

What is the best age to get a brow lift?

Lifted brows are the effect that we all aim for in makeup - the face looks younger and it has more symmetrical and balanced facial features. Droopy eyebrows make the face look tired. Strong facial expressions, ageing and everyday stress all contribute to the formation of saggy eyebrows. Eyebrow lifting might be a solution - what is it and how is it done?

Eyebrow lifting - what is it?

Eyebrow lifting is a cosmetic procedure to raise the eyebrows and it's done in cosmetic medicine clinics. It can be surgical as well as non-surgical. Thanks to the treatment it's possible to correct the signs of ageing, improve the overall symmetry of the face and get rid of baggy eyelids which might be the reason you look older than you are. The treatment results in a face looking simply nicer as its geometry is maintained and the arches are modelled and lifted.

Who should have a brow lift?

Brow lifting - different techniques

Brow lifting techniques vary - the level of invasiveness is different depending on its type. What are the most popular techniques?

Non-surgical brow lifting

  • Eyebrow lifting - PDO threads

The procedure is a type of procedure that uses Polydioxanone (PDO) threads in the areas mainly around the eyes and eyebrows, but sometimes eyelids, too. It involves anchoring the threads with the use of a very thin needle. It's worth mentioning that the sutures produce collagen and elastin so they help maintain the results of the lifting which are smooth and raised skin.

  • HIFU eyebrow lifting

HIFU technology uses focused ultrasound energy - sound waves selected individually for every patient's skin. They penetrate the skin and cross with each other in the skin tissues. The locations in which the cross are called thermal coagulation points - they form new collagen that gradually tightens, lifts and rejuvenates the skin.

  • Hyaluronic acid eyebrow lifting

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid can be introduced into nearly every part of the face and the body, including the eyebrow area. This makes restoring normal tissue volume possible. After applying a local anesthetic hyaluronic acid is inserted under the skin with a thin needle. As a result, the skin becomes tighter and eyebrows are visibly raised.

  • Eyebrow lifting - botox

It's possible to lift the eyebrows by introducing botox in the chosen body area. Botulin toxin impacts neuromuscular transmission: the eyebrows are raised and their line is regulated.

  • Radiesse eyebrow lifting

Brow lifting can also be performed with the use of a special filler Radiesse. The results last longer than after, i.e. using hyaluronic acid. The procedure involves a special wrinkle filler which, during the process, is injected with a needle to the appropriate skin depth. The effects are biorevitalization, filling of tissues and, of course, visibly lifted eyebrows.

What causes brow lift?

Surgical brow lifting

  • Incision of the temporal area

This method involves incision of the temporal area and tightening the skin. It's popular as it requires only one small cut which is hidden in the hairline - that means that the duration of recovery is only a few days long.

  • Endoscopic eyebrow lifting

It's performed after applying general anaesthesia and with the use of the endoscope. During this procedure, the surgeon makes an incision hidden in the hair and lifts the skin with specialized equipment, elevating the brow tissue and allowing for the correct shape and height of the eyebrows to form.

Brow lifting - makeup 

Did you know that the effect of lifted brows that give a youthful appearance does not have to be a result of a cosmetic medicine clinic procedure? What's more, it lets you achieve the desired effects instantly in a non-invasive way! Just reach for good brow makeup products that will help you define the shape of your arches and map the correct contour. Pomade, pencil or brow pencil will let you lift the eyebrows - all you need to do is accentuate the upper brow line, defining the highest point of the arch. Apart from that, it's worth highlighting the area right under the lower edge of the brows - this way you will achieve the lifted brow look without the need to visit a cosmetic medicine clinic. This trick should be done with well-selected products of the highest quality, such as rich, well-pigmented Nanobrow powders - they can be used to define the shape and the velvety highlighter will be perfect for brightening up the under-brow section.

Contraindications for eyebrow lift

Like any procedure, surgical and invasive, an eyebrow lift also has its contraindications. These are:

  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • autoimmune diseases,
  • blood-clotting problems,
  • local inflammation,
  • unregulated diabetes,
  • acne,
  • active cancer,
  • collagenosis (tissue disease),
  • tendencies to the formation of scars,
  • diagnosed hypertension of the ll and lll degree,
  • ischemic heart disease.
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